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Home Theater Acoustic Panel and Sound Proofing Solutions

We stretch fabric. Our heritage in the industry is one of the richest and deepest.

Home theaters provide a perfect application as we can…

- Provide acoustics
- Hide speakers
- Cover wires
- Create spectacular walls

                                 Before                                      After 

                          Acoustics and fabric

Custom Full-Stretch Applications
Provide Room Acoustics

Upholstered walls have long been

among the most desired of decorative

finishes worldwide. Our patented system

improves this treatment with a consistent,

even stretch and secure grip on fabric.

Under our fabric panels lay virtually

any acoustical treatment called for

Curves and contours

make the Snap-Trak system

the most versatile track in the world.


The Superior Snap-Trak® System

Since the introduction of our patented Snap-Trak® system, its superior grip and tensioning, larger, unlimited sizes of areas were able to be treated with consistent tension and security.

Alternate systems offer a tight crevice
into which fabric is forced.

But this “friction grip” construction limits

the tension that may be put on the fabric

and usually results in fabric puckering along

the edges, especially when the fabric is pushed on.

   Our system is the most secure system on the market

                                       Made in USA

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