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Flammability of fabric can be drastically reduced through the use of FX Fabric Guard FLAME RETARDANT SPRAY - FIRE RETARDANT SPRAY . Many natural fibers, including cotton, can be topically treated with it reducing the fabric’s flammability to the extent that it becomes non-combustible. During a fire, FX Fabric Guard FLAME RETARDANT SPRAY reacts with the gases and tars generated naturally by the fabric, converting the gases and tars to carbon char, thus extinguishing the flame or fire.

FX Fabric Guard for natural fibers and polyester’s such as: canvas, denim, muslin, cotton and Cotton Blends. Fire Safety Codes are changing, stay current on fire protection of your Curtains, Drapes, Linens, Flags and Banners for trade shows, events, schools, day cares, nursing homes, offices and more.

FX Fabric Guard FLAME RETARDANT SPRAY has been tested under the California Title 19 CSFM 1237.1 Test and is registered in California also is NFPA 701 Compliant .

FX Fabric Guard treated fabric can be laundered or dry-cleaned as recommended by the fabric manufacturer. In the case of fabrics that are designated as “FLAME RETARDANT SPRAY TREATED” , that have been topically treated with FX Fabric Guard flame retardancy of the fabric will dissipate over time, particularly with repeated cleaning. FX Fabric Guard treated fabrics must be dry-cleaned with a non-liquid cleaning agent. Typically, the flame retardancy of topically treated fabric is certified for one year, though the actual length of time in which the treatment remains effective will vary based on the number of times the treated fabric is dry-cleaned and the environmental conditions in which the treated fabric is used. It is recommended that topically treated fabric be re-tested for flame retardancy on an annual basis, and re-treated after every 4 to 5 cleanings.

FX Fabric Guard can be used on Drapes / Draperies , Artificial Silk Foliage , Room Separators, Banners , Flags , Wall hangings, Linens, Curtains, Stage / Theater Drapes, Window shades, Hospital Curtains, Crafts, Vertical Blinds, Household Fabrics, Painters Canvas, Carpets / Rugs, Furniture, Insulation  

FX Fabric Guard is transparent, odor free, non toxic, environmentally safe around plants, animals and children.

More and more convention centers, malls, hospitals, hotels, motels, office buildings, banks, schools, colleges, universities, dorms, jails, prisons, day care centers, theaters, restaurants, bars & clubs, churches or any other building the public passes through or are invited to must be current with the fire safety codes for drapes, curtains, carpeting, rugs, wall decors, upholstered furniture, banners, silk foliage, flags or any other fabrics displayed, are all regulated by fire safety codes. Update your fabrics now with FX Fabric Guard .

The National Association of State Fire Marshal’s Office recommends that all fabrics and textiles be treated by the use of a FLAME RETARDANT SPRAY designed for fabrics, although it is not possible to make combustible fabrics and furnishings completely resistant to charring and decomposition when exposed to flame, fire or sparks.

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